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Funk You - Moving Forward (shop)

Funk You - Moving Forward (shop)

HWF-RC #006

Funk You – Moving Forward

Engineered by Andy Headland & Will Clark

Mastered by Chris Griffin

Produced by Funk You

Recorded by Will Clark and Andy Headland at Prana Recording Studio in Lilburn, Georgia

Pressed by Kindercore Vinyl in Athens, Georgia
Heady Wax Fiends Exclusive Green/Blue/Purple Swirl


Funk You is a musical manifestation of nine kindred spirits from an east Georgia city. Motivated by a love of live performance and armed with a captivating sonic presence, the band places a healthy helping of soul atop a funky backbeat. Combining modern musical sensibilities with the last vestiges of the chitlin circuit, results in an ever-evolving sound that continues to draw crowds nationwide.


Ten years on the road is no easy undertaking for any musical outfit, much less a group anchored by a group of childhood friends. As Funk You plans to dive into what comes next - they invite friends and fans alike to enjoy their newest musical offering, Moving Forward.


Listeners can expect Funk You’s signature high-octane funk, driven by a hard-hitting rhythm section and glistening horns. Although the work presents the same flavors contained in the band’s recipe for success, “the music is a big step ahead, we really took time to focus on our sound in the studio,” said Evan Miller (Guitar).


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