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Ultrafunk - Meat Heat

Ultrafunk - Meat Heat

SKU: #005

Heady Wax Fiends Record Club #005

UltraFunk - Meat Heat

*Black Vinyl*


This was a blind buy in Mississippi Records in Portland OR, due to the title / artist name, and of course the incredible album art that gets weirder the more you look at it. This band doesn’t even have a wikipedia page, but I found the following abstract on discogs: “UK group that recorded for the Contempo label in the 1970s. Essentially the label's house band, they later spawned sister ensemble The Armada Orchestra. Like Motown's Funk Brothers, the identities of those in Ultrafunk were kept strictly under wraps but label founder John Abbey remembers who they were: Gerry Shury on keyboards, Chris Rae on guitar, Frank McDonald on bass and John Richardson on drums.” 

My favorite funk comes from the 1975-1977 range, and this record doesn’t disappoint. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


-Blake Boris-Schacter aka “The Funk Guru”


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