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Polyrythmics - Octagon (Shop)

Polyrythmics - Octagon (Shop)

First couple times I saw the Polyrhythmics was at Boom Boom Room in San Francisco. I’ve seen some truly great shows at that little sweaty dance club, and Polyrhythmics can stand up with the best of them. I remember one show in particular leaving that venue dripping sweat after they basically segued an entire second set with little breaks, and had ramped up their pacing above what you are going to hear on this album.


They tend to keep things at a pace where the top doesn’t get blown off, not relying on shredding crescendos and peaks as much as some other acts. They ride a different wave, weaving together complex rhythms that build on themselves, pushing the music forward in a more subtle way. The let the tension ebb and flow, with the horns taking the place of traditional vocals.


I was thrilled to be able to have a side project of the band, “The Unsinkable Heavies”, christen the stage at the soft opening of The Get Down earlier this year. It was around that time that we also made a deal to release this, my favorite item of their back catalogue, as an exclusive HWF variant for our members. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. - Blake Boris-Schacter


180 gram "Gulf Coast" Blue and Gold Marble Vinyl.  

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