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Naughty Professor - Identity

Naughty Professor - Identity

SKU: #003

Heady Wax Fiends Record Club #003

Naughty Professor – Identity

"Random Colored Vinyl*

For our third HWF-RC release, we are so excited to be featuring the NOLA based band, Naughty Professor. This six person instrumental jazz/funk powerhouse has been around since 2010, and play one of the most high energy live shows you are likely to see. Built around their innovative hornlines and jaw dropping rhythmic breaks, their sound truly has qualities all its own.

With the album Identity, the band has reinvented what their sound can be, making a foray into a wide range of different genres,  including hip-hop, soul, and rock. This album sees them collaborate with Chali 2na, Eric Bloom, Ivan Neville, Mike Dillon, and many more. We hope you enjoy this album, we know we did.

P.S. “Big Papa” Sam Shahin is an absolute monster of a drummer and one of my personal favorites to see live. While this album doesn’t showcase his chops as much as their previous albums, be sure to strap in for the drum clinic at the end of “Psycho Switch.”


-Blake Boris-Schacter AKA “Funk Guru”


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