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Low Cut Connie - Art Dealers

Low Cut Connie - Art Dealers

February 2024 ROTM

HWF-RC Exclusive Brotherly Love Blue Vinyl

LE 500


Art Dealers is the soundtrack to a unique hybrid-genre concert film starring the musician and rock n roll performance artist Low Cut Connie, depicting a stunning 3-show run in 2022 New York City. The concert is set against 5 years of documentary footage that explores the struggle, frustrations, and humor of living a working class "art life" in modern America.


The album is a love letter to Lou Reed and Patti Smith's New York, and the reckless abandon of "the art life" laid against a gritty, decaying American backdrop. Arriving at the intersection of sleazy and soulful, the eighth album from Adam Weiner is a 13-song collection of risky, romantic, life-affirming anthems dedicated to a total liberation of body, spirit, gender and sexuality in the face of an increasingly tense political age.


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