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Kitchen Dwellers - Wise River

Kitchen Dwellers - Wise River

SKU: #002

Heady Wax Fiends Record Club #002

Kitchen Dwellers – Wise River
Produced by Cory Wong Engineered by Miles Hansen & Cory Wong
Mastered by Greg Reierson Pressed by Pirates Press
Recorded March 9-12-2021 at Creation Audio in Minneapolis, MN


We’re so proud to team up with Montana’s Kitchen Dwellers and bring you guys their brand-new release Wise River. They are a band raised on a broad spectrum of influences who in turn have melded those styles into their very own and very unique sound. If the popularity of the last three releases pressed to vinyl, Muir Maid(2019), Reheated Vol 2(2020) and Live At Pine Creek Lodge(2022) is any indication, this one will be a monster and soon hard to come by. Torrin Daniels on banjo, Max Davies on guitar, Joe Funk on bass and Shawn Swain on mandolin have proven themselves to be relentless road warriors who tour nonstop.

- Kris Howland


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