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Kitchen Dwellers - Muir Maid 2xLP (Shop)

Kitchen Dwellers - Muir Maid 2xLP (Shop)

140 Gram 2 x LP on HWF Exclusive "Gator Green" vinyl.

Muir Maid was the last album I bought in person before the lockdowns and show cancellations of 2020 started. It was originally Kickstarter funded with a November 2019 release date. The album was the first time all four members of the Montana band contributed to the songwriting process with Chris Pandolfi of The Infamous Stringdusters producing. The album is a direct reflection of their relentless touring the previous two years and the themes of travel, adventure and homesickness are prevalent across the twelve tracks. The band adapted to life off the road throughout 2020 by continually playing webcast shows from Montana while they waited for the opportunity to tour again. Those streams were a needed and quality break from the monotonous life of a global pandemic. Muir Maid was a very popular album in Heady Wax Fiends’ infancy before selling out and becoming a tough ISO for members the last year. We’re very proud to have been given the opportunity to repress this in HWF-RC exclusive gator green and introduce the album to a wider audience. - Kris Howland



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