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Kendra Morris - Nine Lives

Kendra Morris - Nine Lives

SKU: #001

Heady Wax Fiends Record Club #001

Mastered by Doug Krebs

Pressed at Gotta Groove Records

Kendra Morris – Nine Lives

Lacquers cut by Well Made Music Includes download card

Assorted color vinyl (whichever variant is currently in print)


Kendra Morris is a multi-dimensional artist across multiple mediums. She’s appeared on the songs Morning Ritual & The King Heard Voices on the Czarface Meets Ghostface record. She also directed the video and appeared on the song Phantoms found on the Czarface Meets Metalface album. But this doesn’t give you the best introduction to her. If you grabbed the Brighter Days Ahead compilation from Colemine Records, you may have heard her powerful voice open up Side D with her song This Life.


If you’ve been lucky enough to catch her live or have picked up any of her earlier releases such as Banshee (2012), Mockingbird (2013), and Babble (2016); you would be just as excited as we are to get this new full-length release that’s getting the Colemine Records/Karma Chief treatment. She is what we’ve all been excited for on this label with distinct melodies, soulful driving rhythm, and a large voice that brings a new diversity to this young and extensive catalog of phenomenal musicians and artists.


- Josiah The Professor Miller