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JD Crowe & The New South - The New South (NB)

JD Crowe & The New South - The New South (NB)

March 2024 ROTM

HWF-RC Exclusive Nashville Blues Vinyl
LE 700


Often times when an album is called the greatest of all time, it's hotly debated. But when you ask most bluegrass musicians and enthusiasts what the greatest bluegrass album of all time is, they will tell you without hesitation that it's JD Crowe & The New South - The New South. Or as its more commonly known, Rounder 0044. While this particular lineup of the new south was only together for less than a year, they still managed to play six nights a week at the now defunct Red Slipper Lounge in Lexington, KY before taking the festival scene by storm in the summer of ‘75. By the end of the year most of the band had moved on to other endeavors, but what they left behind would change bluegrass music forever.


-Scott Chase

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